The New Normal

Well it’s been forever since I wrote an entry.  Our son Dorian is 5 months & is a ray of sunshine! He makes us soo happy.  I went back to work after being home with Dorian for almost 5 months. How do you working mom’s do this?!

Life has been good so far with a baby it’s definitely just an adjustment to get anything done. I’m super grateful for Davan being by my side always and helping me through the tougher times when Dorian first came home. 😘

Until next time. Adios



9/22/17 & 12/10/17

So some of you are probably wondering what is soo significant about the dates listed above.

9/22/17– Davan & I closed on our house in NJ! We are officially home owners and we are soo grateful. It was a long and tiring journey but it is well worth it. I love coming home to relax and do as I please. We will forever be thankful for my parents generosity over the past three years living with them to make this a reality. 😀

12/10/17– Davan & I found out we are expecting!! This day changed our outlook on life completely. We always knew we wanted kids and had always prepared for this day to happen. There were so many emotions going through our heads that day & the months to come. Our parents & siblings are beyond excited.

First picture of our baby 😀

4/8/18– I am 22 weeks pregnant and feel great for the most part. Just some growing pains and aches every once in a while. This experience has been so fascinating for Davan & I. We can’t wait to meet our baby in August. Oh did I mention he/she is due on our wedding anniversary (8/11/18). Lol! No we haven’t found out the sex yet we will find out at the baby shower/gender reveal. We are super excited to see what our future holds as new parents 😀😵

20 weeks in this photo.


Soo I love weddings for numerous reasons. I love watching two people’s love blossom and commiting themselves to each other. Plus everyone who knows me knows I love cake! 

On April 9th my brother in law got married and it was such a great service. We had a blast and it was great to see Davan’s family.

I’m also very excited to have a sister now!! 

The Ruans!!

Life Update

Soo big things happened this week. My husband started a full time job in his field as an Occupational Therapy Assistant! This was very exciting! We also got approved for a loan to look for houses! This has been a long process but we are blessed and grateful to begin this journey to find our future home! I’m still working in solar as a Branch Coordinator and I like my job. I’m so happy it will make a difference for our planet in the future. 

In other news guys I know I’m still not ready for kids. Lol! I love them and I’m always glad to give them back. That’s all 😁

Until next time peace out ✌

Blue Apron & Hello Fresh

Soo I started using both of these companies to see how they fulfilled my cooking needs.

When I received my first Blue Apron box I was very excited.  Everything was labeled and they give you a recipe card. I am very much a recipe type of person. So I ordered the family box which feeds four people. The portions seemed OK because if you know my family we can eat. Lol! I loved the presentation of the food and everything is recyclable which is great.

Let’s jump over to Hello Fresh. The boxes looked basically the same until you open it up to find mini boxes labeled for each meal you receive. This was even more organized than Blue Apron. I just love organization 😁           The porportions for Hello Fresh have been much better with the meals we have had so far.

I haven’t quite decided which one I want to chose yet. Lol!  I do love having healthy meals and cooking with my husband each night!

Until next time peeps! Smell ya lata 🤗

P.S. The top photo is Hello Fresh & the bottom is Blue Apron.


So for people that know me this title will probably make you laugh. I normally don’t cook unless it’s absolutely necessary. I prefer to bake although my husband will say I don’t bake enough. Lol

This is not an endorsement for Blue Apron they aren’t paying me although they should be. Lol! I recently started using this company which basically takes out all the hard work of cooking and no grocery stores etc! Amen!! So I get a box with two meals that feed four people, the ingredients are separated and labeled . It comes with recipes and step by step instructions on how to make the meals. (An OCD person’s dreams!)  So far I have made Pimento Cheeseburgers with a side of parsnip/carrots fries. Delicious!  The next meal I’m making is chicken stir fry.

The best thing out of this is my husband and I get to spend some great quality time together!!

Music = Life

I started watching The Grammy’s last night and I love how music influences people. It is always so great to see different genres of music that you never thought would collaborate sing together.

This next line may get me some haters from “Beynation” but I normally don’t really like Beyonce. Lol! I will say though her performance was absolutely breathtaking and very profound! I love how she spoke so highly of women and a beautiful message can be soaked in through her music.

Music has always been such a great place for me to collect my thoughts or help me get through whatever I’m going through in my life. I am soo grateful/blessed for all types of music that I have been exposed to.

As I sit here and watch The Grammy’s I am truly astounded at the fantastic artists we have in this day in age.